AUTOMATIC CAR WASH – The ultimate car paint assassin

So your car is dirty and you need a car wash, right? It’s simple, just drive it down to the local automatic car wash. I mean it is quick and cheap, so why not? After all I just spent 20, 30, 40 or more thousands on it, I should get it washed often, plus it is efficient. I can drive it in and drive right out and have a clean car. BIG MISTAKE! Why? Well, allow me to elaborate on this further…

Anything that touches paint will cause scratches!

That almost sounds like the car should never leave my garage. Well, if you truly wanted a car that had absolutely no scratches on the surface then, yes, you are correct. However, for most of us, well let’s say for 99.9% of us that is just not reality. When we take our cars out of the driveway, it is now safe to assume that our paint will come into contact with some abrasive. This could be things such as, your jeans rubbing on the paint, a random passerby sliding their hands across your car, rocks hitting your paint as you drive down the road, you get the idea… Paint is susceptible to damage on a day to day basis. So, this brings me to the point, why would you pay thousands of dollars on a new car just to take it into a machine that literally picks up dirt off thousands of cars before you and then rubs it onto your new car.

So what do we suggest you do?

I will give you two alternative methods to washing your car that will be a lot less harmful to your cars paint. The first is to go through the automated car wash that is touch-less. This will allow you to have a clean car while at the same time avoiding unnecessary abrasions to your cars paint. The second and BEST option is to wash a vehicle yourself with proper washing techniques. This means using the right equipment, the proper towels, and having a systematic approach to washing your car. Now if that sounds like it is a lot of work, well you are right, it is definitely more work. Now you can do it yourself, or you can have us do it for you. You can look through our packages by clicking the button below.

Why should I care about my paint?

Taking care of your paint is important. According to Carfax a car can lose up to 10% of its original value the minute it is driven off the dealership’s parking lot, and as much as 20% within the first year.  This is an important figure to consider when you look at the fact that most people will only keep a car for 4-6 years. So why do these facts matter to you? Chances are you will resell your vehicle, either privately or back into a dealership. When that time comes, you will want to have everything in your favor to maximize the largest possible return. Logically, what will be the first thing the new prospective buyer or dealership see? If you said the way the vehicle looks you are exactly right. The first thing that buyer will see is your vehicle’s paint.

We care about your investment and we value your money so take care of your car now so it can return the most money for you in the end. Not only that but there is an intrinsic value to owning a car with luscious paint. When someone sees your car looking immaculate, what does it say about you?