EST. 2015

Yelo Autosports was founded in Fall 2015.

After driving my 1999 Mazda Miata all summer and leaving it outside to be beat by the sun, the red was almost unrecognizable. Looking faded, dull and lacking of shine I was unable to find the answers as to why my car was looking so old and crappy. The body of the car was still dent free, scratch free and immaculate. However the car just did not seem to have any life to it anymore. I was shown by a family member the art of paint correction, and after seeing the results I realized this was not driving my car through a car wash or putting sponges from a bucket to my car. This was the art of removing all defects, taking pain staking hours examining paint, understanding defects, knowing the levels of paint depth, etc.... This was AUTOMOTIVE DETAILING.

After seeing my car look so new again, I felt something I had not felt before. This was the feeling of joy and pride into my little red Miata once again. I instantly recognized that this is a feeling I wanted to bring 


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Shop Owner / Operator



Store Manager / Ceramic Coating Expert




Window Tint / Auto Detail Specialist

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